Juma Lake

Enjoy the warm hospitality and be impressed by the great commitment and knowledge of the guides. If you are ready to enjoy the original Amazon life, you will have an unforgettable stay and an exciting experience. You will adapt well to the environment and have many opportunities to learn about the daily lives of families on the farm. The stay is also very suitable for guests with children. Children are welcome here. In most cases they can easily contact the local children's farm. Children must be able to swim, the river is easily accessible. Do not forget your swimming costume and swimming in warm fresh water is a very special experience. People seeking tranquility will find the terrace with a view of the river or on a network.


The huts are placed on pallets on the mainland and can be reached by wooden walkways. The rooms are conveniently arranged. Each accommodation includes beds, mosquito nets and private bathrooms with running water and windows sealed with protective screen mosquistos.

Community Lounge, which is a meeting place and restaurant is situated in a houseboat on the river. Boat house guests like to take the opportunity for a bath in the water of Mamori River.



If you are interested you can actively engage. Guided tours are in English, more languages ​​can be provided on request. The transfer to the farm takes you past the Meeting of the Waters (meeting of the waters). Depending on the length of your stay, participation in the following activities you can:

  • Hiking in the jungle
  • Canoe ride and piranha fishing
  • Observation of fauna and flora
  • Porpoise sighting
  • Fabric house of farinha
  • Extraction of natural rubber
  • Overnight in the forest, hunting camp
  • Caboclo Houses






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+55 92 3633-6507 / / +55 92 9105-5659.

Rua Dez de Julho, nº 679 sala-1, Hotel 10 de Julho, Manaus-AM. Brasil.