Survival package  (minimum 05 days)

This is the jungle trip done for people interested in having the maximum of contact with the nature and also interested in learning about the Amazon and its mystery. On this tour you will spend two nights at the Juma camp house where some activities will be done during your staying and the rest of the tour will be done camping in different areas of the Amazon jungle and also staying one night with the local family.

Day 1:

Departure at 08h00 from the office and transfer to the CEASA harbor where you will take a speed boat to cross the river to Careiro village, passing by the meeting of the waters. Over there you will take a van for around 60 minutes until you reach a place called Paraná do Mamori where you will take the second speed boat to go to “JUMA LAKE CAMP HOUSE” which is the name of the lodge where you will be staying in this 2 days and 1 night. Arrival at 11h00, see the accommodations have lunch and after lunch you star the activities going for a canoe tour for piranha fishing, dolphin observation. Back to the lodge for dinner and after dinner, again by canoe you will go for the Cayman spotting where the guide will show you some big Caymans and after he will catch a smaller one to explain to you and if you want you can grab it to make some nice pictures. Back to the lodge and overnight.


Day 2:

Early in the morning, before breakfast, you will see the sunrise and do a bird watch tour, back to the lodge for breakfast and after the breakfast you will do an ecological jungle trekking from 08h00 to 11h00 where the guide will explain all about medicinal plants, some techniques of survival in the jungle and animals that you can see during the trek like spiders, and different kind of monkeys, sloths etc.. (We can not promise that you will see wild animals but due to the Juma lake be a protect area the chances to see wild life are very good).

After lunch at around 14h00 you will leave to overnight in the jungle where you will learn about the night life in the jungle, try to see the animal that come out by night, learn some more techniques of survival in the jungle and spear fishing.


Day 3:

After breakfast that the guide will prepare for you in the jungle, you will explore the jungle by paddle canoeing in the flooded forest and small creeks where you will learn about the fauna and the flora of the region; back to the lodge for lunch and after lunch you will visit a local people house (caboclos) to see and learn about their way of life, see how they do the manioc flour and interact with them and overnight at the local people house.


Day 4:

you will be camping in different places on the Amazon jungle and will do the following activities:

Spear fishing at night to catch fish for your own food, jungle trekking in different place of the jungle, canoe ride (paddling) at night in the small channels, try to see monkeys, birds, dolphins, overnight in the forest and at the local people house. The most important thing is that you will have an experienced jungle guide who will show you and will explain to you how to survive in the forest.

On the last day you will return to the Juma camp house, arriving there about 11:30 for lunch and at 1pm you will start your journey back to Manaus arriving at 5pm in the city.





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