About us

Why book with Iguana Tours ?

Since it´s foundation, 25 years ago by Wilson Castro and Gerry Hardy, Iguana Tours has been source of good and pleasant time for people all over the world. Gerry Hardy himself had his name recommended in all the guides books and magazines a that time for after be replaced for the company´s name that him and Wilson Castro founded together.
The time passed but the quality of the services even better, as the tourists themselves have helped us to grow.

A history of credibility

Iguana has a history of life, told by it´s guests along all these years, and it´s not just in the guide books, but people had their expedition in the amazon and want to make sure that friends, relatives or other travelers get to know their experience with this company. (see tripadvisor).

Compromisse with the quality.

When you book a tour with Iguana Tours, we (guides and staff) give you all assistance needed, since your arrival in Manaus city until your departure, guaranteeing the company and quality of service or offen all this time, via internet or other means.

The guides.

A good guide is the guarantee of great expedition, no doubt about this, because we count with a selected team of native bilingual guides raised in the area, who are ready fullfil every single expectation of your guests after all, who is better than natives to show the amazon and it´s beauties.


Vision: To be reference in sustainable tourism in the Amazon rainforest and with consequence be an example to Brasil

Mission: To be the worlds best travel company, organizing your jungle trip´with safety and quality. Doing this period in the amazon together with us unforgettable. Also with innovation and excellence, to be efficient in every tour operation we are doing.


+55 92 3633-6507 / / +55 92 9105-5659.

Rua Dez de Julho, nº 679 sala-1, Hotel 10 de Julho, Manaus-AM. Brasil.