Uakari Lodge 

The Floating Inn Uacari is located in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, Site of the World Natural Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO and the first unit of conservation for sustainable development established in Brazil.


The lodge is rustic, comfortable with exceptional location in the Amazon. You can perform a variety of tours, to observe the abundant flora and fauna, besides interacting with local communities and researchers working in the Reserve. The Inn is Uacari reference in the practice of Community Based Tourism. Its management is shared between communities and the Institute for Sustainable Development Mamirauá. The income generated is reversed here maintenance of the enterprise and social benefits to local communities.


If you are interested you can actively engage. Guided tours are in English, more languages ​​can be provided on request. The transfer to the farm takes you past the Meeting of the Waters (meeting of the waters). Depending on the length of your stay, participation in the following activities you can:

  • Hiking in the jungle;
  • Birdwatching;
  • Canoe trip and boat;
  • Traditional fishing;
  • Area free of malaria;
  • Sighting of boto;
  • Meeting with researcher;
  • Overnight in the forest;
  • Visit the community.






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+55 92 3633-6507 / / +55 92 9105-5659.

Rua Dez de Julho, nº 679 sala-1, Hotel 10 de Julho, Manaus-AM. Brasil.